Aidan Knight • 24/10/14

Morning Guys

Aidan Knight • 21/10/14

Does it say something personal, or does it bend what is personal into something larger

Does it need to be made

Will you cower in fear when you play it for your family (this can be a good thing)

Will your family accept what you have to say and love you, you have a good family if so

Does it make you smile when you play it back after 4 hours of work

Does it make you tear up after singing it for the 4th time

Will ad agencies get it (you will have to sell this feeling to make a living)

Is it alright to have a chorus that everyone will sing again

And will it allow empathy, discussion, mistakes and learning to continue driving your work (you haven’t figured out everything yet)


We begin tracking for the new record on Saturday. Wish us all luck as we try to remember all the above.

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18 months ago